Evacuation Safety for Holiday Plays and Parties

Posted on Nov 19, 2015
Tags: fire, fires, fire safety, schools, evacuation practices

The end of term is always a busy time at schools across the UK, especially at the festive season, as teachers and administrators host plays, parties and all sorts of special events for their students, parents and guests.

While these events are fun for everyone, it is important to have stringent fire safety and evacuation safety measures in place. When hosting events, you need consider the different visitors’ needs to your building, which may not be the same as an ‘average’ school day..

Here are some tips to help you maintain a safe environment at your school during holiday events.

When Hosting a Christmas Play...

  • Ensure that your audience does not exceed the capacity of the room. If there is an emergency and an evacuation must occur, it is important that people are able to vacate easily.
  • Keep all exits clear from obstructions. This means that parents and other audience members should not be standing in doorways or aisles.
  • Consider requirements for evacuation equipment. Older relatives of your students may require assistance in the event of an emergency. Ensure that the property has the right equipment including evacuation chairs available in case any visitors require assistance vacating the school in the event of an emergency.
  • Ensure staff know what to do in an evacuation and can use any relevant equipment to help ensure people can vacate the building safely.

When Hosting a Christmas Party...

  • When hanging decorations, be aware of potential fire safety hazards. Any hanging objects should be kept away from sources of heat, such as candles or fireplaces.
  • Take care when hanging lights. Ensure that your lights meet safety standards, and that all lights are turned off and unplugged after the party.
  • Have an evacuation plan in place. Hosting a Christmas party in your classroom or auditorium is very different from your average day at school. So, it is important to have a custom evacuation plan for the day of your school’s special event, and ensure that all teachers and administrators have been acquainted with its measures.

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