Escape Mobility Company expands and strengthens its international position

Posted on Nov 18, 2015
Tags: Escape Chair, Escape Mattress®, evacuation product, evacuation chair, evacuation, escape mobility company, product innovation

With the takeover of one if its sub-contractors, Escape Mobility expands it family of six units with a seventh: Escape Mobility Production & Innovation BV.

Escape Mobility Production & Innovation focuses entirely on the production and development of all of the emergency evacuation equipment we produce : Escape chairs, Escape mattresses, evacuation sheets, as well as accessories. This preserves and strengthens the position of The Escape Mobility Group in the market. It gives us the advantage that every single product is produced in-house and we continue to ensure that we can provide our customers with the Escape A-quality label. Best quality… guaranteed!


In summary, The Escape Mobility Group is made up of the following:

• Escape Mobility Company: Supporting Distributors and Export

• Escape Mobility Company GmbH: Sales, Training and Site Assessment Services in Germany and Austria

• Escape Mobility Company LTD: Sales, Training and Site Assessment Services in the United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland

• Escape Mobility Company BeLux BVBA: Sales, Training and Site Assessment Services in Belgium and Luxembourg

• Escape Mobility Company USA Inc .: Responsible for the United States of America.

• Escape Mobility Company International BV: Responsible for Strategy, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing and Communication of the Escape Mobility Group.

• Escape Mobility Production & Innovation BV: Manufacture and Innovation of all of our Escape Evacuation Products