If emergency evacuation of students was in the OFSTED report, how high would your School rank?

Posted on Feb 05, 2015
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Emergency evacuation isn't on the OFSTED report, but imagine if it was, how well do you think your school would score? Are you certain that EVERY single person can escape should the need arise - even the elderly, disabled or injured?

Schools thrive on their students obtaining fantastic results and take learning and delivery of education extremely seriously. So, if emergency evacuation of your school was monitored by the education authorities, how do you think your school would rank? 

There is a common trend in schools that is seen by us far too frequently, that teachers are taking on too much. Often working a ‘dual role’, they cannot fully commit their attention to what they should be doing - teaching students to achieve better results. 

Other responsibilities teachers in schools take on are sometimes pushed to the bottom of the checking pile behind various other priorities, and unfortunately emergency planning is one of those things. 

Legal obligations – are you sure you comply?

Trying to understand your legal obligations, as well as ensuring that fire safety legislation is adhered to, can be a nightmare for anyone.

So as a school, do you feel competent that you have the time and awareness to ensure that you are meeting your emergency evacuation planning legal responsibilities? 

Equipment – is it relevant for your school buildings?

Do you have the right evacuation equipment and emergency plans in place so that students, teachers and any visitors to your school can be evacuated safely in the event of an emergency? Have you considered how those with mobility issues can evacuate from your school – that mum in a wheelchair, the injured student on crutches, that grandparent with a walking stick? 

Equipment like evac chairs and evacuation mattresses are crucial during emergencies to ensure that everyone can escape quickly and safely.

Evacuation specialists at Escape Mobility can help you to determine the type and quantity of evacuation equipment required that meets the specific needs of your school. 

Find out how we can help you develop your emergency evacuation planning and equipment, by calling 0844 800 1775 and speak to the experts in evacuating people safely.