Why Is Specialist Installation Important?

Posted on Aug 13, 2014
Tags: installation, chairs

When fitting out your property with the right evacuation equipment, the process entails more than just buying a few evacuation chairs and evacuation mattresses to accommodate the mobility-restricted people in your building. Installation of evacuation chairs is also crucial, as you want to ensure that they are installed in the correct manner and in the correct locations.

Proper Mounting of Evacuation Chairs

It takes more than a hammer and some nails to ensure that your evacuation chair is mounted properly. Each one weighs 10kg, presenting quite a heavy load. As such, you should ensure that the chair is mounted on a sturdy wall and in the correct position so that there is no chance of it falling off and injuring people. The chair should also be installed at the correct height so that it can be removed from the wall easily when it is needed.

At Escape Mobility, our team of professionals can help you install your chairs so that they can be easily taken down in the event of an emergency. We take a number of important aspects into consideration, so as to ensure safe installation of your evacuation equipment.

Location of Installation
It is also important to have the evacuation chairs installed in a location that is easily accessed by mobility-restricted people, as well as in an area that has sufficient fire protection. This means that you should install them in the identified refuge areas or fire escape staircases, so that the people in your building are able to find them easily in the event of any emergency.

Escape Mobility’s evacuation experts will help you determine the best locations for installing your evacuation chairs in your building.  Not only this, Escape Mobility takes health and safety responsibility seriously and is SAFEContractor approved. So when we do attend your Site, you are rest assured that every health and safety aspect is covered when installing your evacuation chairs.

Specialist installation is crucial to ensuing that your evacuation chairs can be accessed should an emergency occur. Our experts are here to help. For more information, visit our Ensure Installation page or give us a call at 0844 800 1775.