Evacuation for Industrial Manufacturing

In the United Kingdom, workplace injuries occur at a rate of 610 per 100 000 workers. Many of these injuries are preventable, and they could be avoided if the correct safety measures were in place. So, as the nominated responsible person, it is part of your job to ensure that workers on your industrial site are able to evacuate when their safety is at stake.

If a worker is caught in a dangerous situation, would you be able get them out of harm’s way? What about individuals who are working in confined spaces? What about a worker with a temporary injury affecting their mobility? It is crucial to ensure that the correct evacuation measures and safety precautions are in place. This includes creating an effective emergency plan and acquiring enough evacuation equipment to vacate workers, staff and visitors in the event of an emergency.

Due to the presence of chemicals and other fire hazards, emergency evacuations are more likely to occur on industrial sites. It is also important to note that operating plants and factories are often located in isolated areas that attract arsonists and vandals. So, if there were a fire or a chemical spill on the property, would you be able to evacuate everyone on site quickly and safely? Ensuring the right type of evacuation equipment is in place is imperative and an absolute must.

You should also consider the fact that industrial sites have limited compartmentation. As such, these types of work places should have in-depth evacuation plans and emergency measures in place to ensure that all staff can vacate safely in an emergency situation.

It's not just about getting the right evacuation equipment...

Just as important as having the right equipment is ensuring that this equipment is working properly by having regular maintenance and services. Additionally to this, it is vital that those using the equipment are fully aware of how to evacuate somebody quickly and safely using the evacuation equipment. Escape Mobility can support your emergency planning by working with you to ensure your staff are trained in using evacuation products and that those products are serviced regularly.

The above evacuation planning advice applies to industrial manufacturing buildings in these categories: distribution centres, operating plants and factories.