Evacuation for Medical Centres

evacuation mattresses for medical centres

Today’s medical centres are just like hospitals, but with no overnight accommodation.  As such, medical centres face the same issues when it comes to emergency preparedness.

As the nominated responsible person for emergency planning, it is important to consider evacuation of all of the different types of patients that will be in the medical centre at any one time:

  • Patients in podiatry and physiotherapy will have problems walking and they will need assistance in Escape-Chairs
  • Pregnant patients in antenatal clinics may require assistance during an evacuation
  • Visually-impaired patients in ophthalmic clinics
  • Patients in psychology and psychiatry may have mental health issues that could cause confusion and panic during an evacuation
  • Patients in geriatrics may be affected by dementia
  • Dozens of patients under local or general anaesthetic will be on the property at any one time
  • Amputees, lymphoedema patients and physically injured patients may also experience difficulty when evacuating the building

Considerations of evacuating a medical centre

The nature of the events occurring in your medical centre is diverse, and you are responsible for accommodating all types of patients who need physical assistance in an evacuation. So, you should double-check that you have enough evacuation equipment on the medical centre, and ensure that it is in the correct location so that it is accessible to the patients who require it.

Evacuation chairs for medical centres

If you do not have sufficient or suitable escape evacuation equipment in place, it is time to consider an evacuation consultation. At Escape Mobility, we can provide you with a site-specific survey to help you determine what your building needs in order to ensure that all patients can be evacuated safely in the event of an emergency.

Having the right evacuation equipment - which includes making sure that there is the correct number of evacuation chairs or evacuation mattresses, and ensuring they are in the right places - is only a part of responsibly ensuring that people can be evacuated from your medical centre in the event of an emergency.

Taking care to ensure that the staff in your medical centre are confident and can use the evacuation equipment is vital in an emergency evacuation situation, so training on each product is paramount. 

Additionally, as with a car or a boiler, evacuation equipment needs regular maintenance to ensure it is in good working condition in the event of an emergency, so taking measures to arrange servicing of your evacuation chairs and evacuation mattresses is highly important.

If you would like support with developing your emergency evacuation planning, or in gaining evacuation equipment for your medical centre, give our healthcare evacuation team a call on 0844 800 1775.