Evacuation for Commerce

Evacuation for commerce, office evacuation

As the nominated responsible person for emergency planning in your building, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone on the property can evacuate safely in the event of an emergency. If there are any issues preventing safe evacuation, such as lack of an emergency plan or the installation of evacuation equipment, then your workplace could face legal repercussions.

In an office building, you have a good general idea of the number of people who will be on the premises on a daily basis. As such, it is important to collect information on potential disability issues from all employees. This will form the basis of your emergency plan, as it will provide guidance on how many evacuation chairs are required to ensure that all mobility-restricted individuals can vacate the premises in an emergency evacuation situation.

Evacuation and emergency planning support for offices and the commerce industry

It is also important to consider individuals who may visit your office building, since your office is constantly welcoming new visitors into the property. They may be members of the public or people visiting for a business meeting. It must be anticipated that some of these visitors may have mobility issues and may require assistance in the event of an evacuation. So, ensuring you have the right types of evacuation equipment is a major priority.

Another key to emergency preparedness in commercial buildings is ensuring that all employees are aware of the evacuation plans that you have put in place. This means carrying out regular fire drills as well as assigning able-bodied people to operate evacuation equipment, and ensuring that they are properly trained to use it.

As part of your evacuation plan, you should consider:

  • Are the escape routes clearly marked?
  • Are the emergency exits and escape routes easily accessible?
  • Have refuge points for people with mobility issues been identified, and are they clearly marked?
  • Is there enough escape evacuation equipment to accommodate mobility-restricted staff and visitors?
  • Have staff been trained to operate evacuation equipment?
  • Has a safe meeting point been established for employees once they evacuate the building?

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