Evsure evacuation planning support

The first step to safe evacuation is good planning

Ensuring every person inside your buildings can escape if necessary is paramount to any emergency plan. It is worth taking professional advice before developing your evacuation plan, as emergency evacuation planning involves many different facets including:

The importance of building assessments in emergency evacuation planning

Ensuring your buildings have been thoroughly assessed from an evacuation perspective is vital within any emergency evacuation plan. Potential hazards, suitable escape routes and having an understanding not only of your buildings, but of the specific needs of the people inside those buildings – are all areas which must be considered in detail before decisions around evacuation equipment are made.

Offering free evacuation assessments that are specific to your building, our team of specialists at Escape Mobility can support you in all aspects of your evacuation planning process, helping to ensure that every person inside your buildings can escape safely in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Escape Evsure - ensuring safe evacuations of your buildings

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Evacuation planning support is one of the services offered by the Escape Evsure division of Escape Mobility, alongside installation of evacuation products, such as evacuation chairs or evacuation mattresses, evacuation product training and evacuation equipment maintenance and servicing to ensure your products are in good, safe working order when needed.

Don't hesitate, it is so important to plan effectively should the need arise, so contact the team today on 01908 229028 to book in your FREE building evacuation planning assessment.