Evacuation chair training

Evacuation chair training is vital in preparing for an emergency

The Fire & Rescue Service is not responsible for evacuating people from a building, so it is up to your fellow colleagues to ensure the safe evacuation of the property. Therefore staff members need to be trained to use evacuation chairs properly, and to be completely confident they can assist a vulnerable individual in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Escape Mobility’s evacuation chair training is site-specific, so staff are trained to use evac chairs in their own building. We are proud to be able to communicate with all our our Clients that we are the only supplier of this type of training that includes people handling techniques. So the training really does help you to evacuate people safely if you need to .We create real scenario's with real people!

Prior to evacuation chair training, we will conduct a building assessment and its usage, while identifying any issues that may affect the evacuation process.

Evacuation Chair Operator Training

Training on the evacuation chair

Practical evac chair and evac matt training sessions teach delegates to use evacuation chairs and evacuation mattresses or drag sheets in the event of an emergency, and to do so with confidence. Not only this, we also include people handling techniques.The session ensures that they can help people safely escape from their building.

Course Information

  • Course duration: 2 hours
  • Number of attendees: maximum of 6 people per training session
  • You Will Receive:
    • Certificate of competency valid for 3 years*

To book or find out more about your Operator Training on evacuation products, please contact the team today on 01908 229029

Evacuation Chair Cascade Training

Train the Trainer on evacuation equipment

We also offer a practical evac chair training course that certifies staff members to train others in the use of the evacuation chair, mattress and sheet.

It is important to have staff members on hand that are capable of training their colleagues, so they can teach new members to operate the evacuation equipment safely and effectively.

Course Information

  • Course duration: 4 hours
  • Number of attendees: maximum of 6 people per training session
  • You
    • Certificate of competency valid for 3 years*

To book or find out more about the Cascade Training session, please contact the team today on 01908 229029

More evacuation chair training information

The evacuation mattress and evacuation chair training and certification applies to different types of evacuation chairs and mattresses, and the training can also be applied when using evacuation chairs and mattresses from other manufacturers.

*In order to renew your certificate, we recommend a refresher training session, so that you can keep up-to-date with any changes in training and techniques when using the evacuation equipment. It should also be noted that it is a legal requirement to complete a fire drill once a year. As such, it is ideal to undergo refresher evacuation equipment training to ensure ongoing competency with evacuation measures and familiarity with using evacuation equipment.

Additional to training, it is highly recommended to ensure that your evacuation equipment is in full working order, and as such, Escape Mobility offers our evacuation product servicing - where our team can manage the servicing and maintenance of your evacuation chairs and evacuation mattresses.

Did you Know

You can save money when you combine your annual refresher training session with your evacuation chair servicing? Give us a call to find out more about this offer on 01908 229029.

Escape Evsure - ensuring safe evacuations of your buildings

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Evacuation equipment training is one of the services offered by the Escape Evsure division of Escape Mobility, alongside planning advice and support of emergency evacuations, such as evacuation chairs or evacuation mattresses, evacuation product installation and evacuation equipment maintenance and servicing to ensure your products are in good, safe working order when needed.

Escape specialists have the experience and expertise to provide Total Emergency Evacuation Management Solutions (TEEMS). Our customer focused team are always happy to accommodate and support in the supply of evacuation products, installation, maintenance and evacuation chair training.

Call the team today on 01908 229028 to book your consultation and advice session to help your emergency evacuation planning.