Escape Evsure

Escape Evsure

Ensuring safe evacuations of your buildings

The emergency evacuation specialists at Escape Mobility are dedicated to providing you with everything you need to carry out a safe and fast evacuation, should the need ever arise.

Although it is important to ensure that you have the right evacuation equipment, for example evacuation chairs or mattresses, it's highly important to know that those products are fit for your purposes, that they are correctly and safely installed and regularly maintained, and also to know that those using the products to evacuate somebody are confident and competent in doing so.

Experienced evacuation specialists for your peace of mind

From deciding which evacuation products are right for your buildings and the people inside them; to training your staff in using those products, the Escape Evsure team can support you every step of the way; providing specialist and experienced advice, as well as operational support.

Escape Evsure Services

Customer Service

Escape Mobility has an enthusiastic and skilled team of advisers, ready to answer all of your questions. All advisers in the team are specialists in their own field within emergency and evacuation safety, so that you can always get detailed information.

Please contact us if you have a question about:

  • Evacuation product specifications
  • Warranty
  • Stock information
  • Delivery dates of our evacuation equipment


Free Evacuation Advice and Product Demonstrations

Why not make an appointment for one of our specialists to give you a free on-site evacuation assessment? We also provide demonstrations of our Escape Evacuation Chairs and Escape Evacuation Mattresses, so you can see first-hand what you are investing your money in.

This will give everyone an opportunity to become acquainted and to see how we can provide optimum support in the future, should you have any emergency and evacuation problems.

Give the team a call today on 0844 800 1775 to find out more about how we can support you in all aspects of your emergency evacuation planning.