Escape-Chair® ST-X

The Evacuation Chair ST-X is the most basic evacuation chair with armrests and footrest in our range of Escape Evacuation Chairs. If you are looking for an affordable evacuation chair to help you comply with current UK Legislation, then this is the model for you. No other evacuation chair manufacturer offers the same features and benefits of Escape Mobility products.

Evacuation Chair ST-X Product Features

  • Silver aluminium frame with green fixed seat
  • Single ergonomic back support
  • Headrest with fixation band
  • Armrests
  • Footrest
  • Rubberised handgrip and anti-slip on lower frame
  • Single adjusted operating handle
  • Easy release buttons for retracting handle
  • Closed glide belt cassettes (ski’s)
  • T-bar kickstand with wheels for horizontal evacuation

Product Benefits

  • Comfortable to transfer someone from a wheelchair into any of our Evacuation chairs.
  • Fixed seating is standard on all of our products, so the passenger will not slide around in the chair. Patients feel more secure and comfortable in the firm seat.
  • The single ergonomic back support prevents injury to the passenger when going onto the stairs, prior to descent.
  • The fixation headrest supports the passenger’s head and restrains the head to prevent violent movement whilst descending. If the passenger is unconscious, the fixation headrest keeps their airways open.
  • Rubberised anti-slip handle ensures safe and secure grip when using the escape evacuation chair.
  • Rubberised anti-slip on the lower frame helps prevent the chair from slipping on shiny, tiled or marble floors.
  • The easy release button retracts the operating handle back into its original closed position is located at the back of the chair. This makes the handle easier to close and prevents fingers from being trapped on quick release.
  • Closed glide belt cassettes help to prevent trapping of fingers or causing damage to clothing.
  • With the flick of the foot, the T-bar kickstand with wheels makes life much easier when pushing the Escape Evacuation Chair horizontally. It has a wide wheelbase that ensures a safe and secure horizontal evacuation. There is no rocking motion evident and it can manage most terrain perfectly well. Passengers feel secure and the user feels confident in knowing how much control they have.


All Evacuation Chairs are delivered with:

  • 1 set of wall hooks
  • 1 identity sign
  • 1 protective dust cover with inspection card inside window
  • 1 manual

Why do we supply you with an inspection card with every escape evacuation chair?

Each individual escape evacuation chair in your building is supplied with an inspection card to keep you updated about when you will need to arrange your next servicing or training session.

It includes the following information about your evacuation chair: the make, model, serial number and delivery date. It also includes a clear logging system of when the chair was last maintained and when training was last carried out with a list of named users.

Weight of product: circa: 10KG
Maximum weight load: 185 KG
Warranty on this product: 6 years
Product Dimensions: 102 x 51 x 18 cm