Evacuation Carry-Chairs

In buildings with complex layouts, the Evacuation Carry-Chair is part of the Escape Mobility evacuation product range, and is the ideal solution for evacuating mobility-restricted people during an emergency situation. As an innovative solution to complex buildings, this evac chair is designed to go upstairs rather than downstairs. So, if your emergency exits are located on upper floors or if your building has mezzanine floors, this evacuation chair model will help you evacuate everyone in your building safely. 

Escape Evsure - evacuation chair services

Escape Evsure will help you to develop your evacuation planning, install and maintain this evacuation chair - as it is important that your evacuation chair is installed correctly and that it is in good working order when needed. Additionally, evacuation chair training is available for those who will be handling this evacuation chair - it is vital that each handler is competant and confident using the evacuation chair to safely and quickly evacuate an individual in an emergency situation.

In addition to evacuation carry chairs, Escape Mobility offers a wide variety of evacuation chairs, evacuation mattresses, ski pads and evacuation sheets and evacuation equipment accessories (including storage options for your evacuation equipment).

Contact the Escape Mobility team today on 0844 800 1775 to find out more about this evacuation chair and to book your building and evacuation assessment with our experienced team. 

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Instruction manual Escape-Carry Chair® (page 15)
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Evacuation Carry Chairs

Escape-Carry Chair® ST

The Evacuation Carry-Chair® ST evacuation chair is the best option for use in buildings with basements or complex layouts. If your building has mezzanine floors or has emergency fire exits that are not on the first floor, this evacuation chair is recommended for ascending chairs.