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The right evacuation equipment and products for your buildings

In the event of an emergency evacuation, it is vital that every person in your building can escape safely and quickly. Escape Mobility prides itself on manufacturing high quality evacuation equipment that is designed around the needs of the equipment handler, the user (the person being evacuated) and the building itself. Put simply, Escape Mobility evacuation products are reliable and easy to use.

The Escape Mobility building and evacuation assessment will help you understand the right evacuation equipment solution, based on your buildings and the people who frequent them.

It is important to note that with evacuation products such as evac chairs and evacuation mattresses, regular product maintenance is vital to ensuring the evacuation products are in good working order when needed. Escape Mobility offers servicing and training on products, to make sure that people handling the evacuation chairs or evacuation mattresses are both confident and competent should an emergency evacuation arise.

The full range of Escape Mobility evacuation products (including evacuation chairs and evacuation mattresses, among more) are listed below, if you are interested to learn more, click on each product area or contact the team on 0844 800 1775 now.

Easy to use, high quality evacuation products fit for purpose.

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