Escape-Mattress® instruction video

Posted on Dec 08, 2017

Now available!

We are pleased to announce that the instruction video on how to use the Escape-Mattress® has finally been completed. 

This video provides a clear step-by-step instruction on how to evacuate someone safely in a horizontal position down the stairs.

The great advantage of this method of evacuation is that it is perfect for both spiral and very steep stairs.

The Escape-Mattress® distinguishes itself from the competition, by way of both quality and certification.

We are proud to inform you that our Escape-Mattresses® are all hand-made in The Netherlands by our own team of professionals. All materials are supplied by our hand-picked Dutch and German suppliers. So we can guarantee that you are getting a unique quality product that is long-lasting, hardwearing and puts the Escape Mattress® above any other product available.  

We really don’t believe in ‘1 mattress fits all’. Every customer, every situation, every scenario is different. That’s why we produce the Escape-Mattress® in various designs, so it fits you and not the other way around.

Did you know that the Escape-Mattress® has been recently tested by TÜV, so it can really handle a load of 150kg? You can download all certificates diretly from our website.

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