About Escape Mobility

Dedicated to offering you helpful advice and consultancy around emergency evacuation planning, Escape Mobility works with you to develop your emergency evacuation plan, whilst offering a range of high quality evacuation products (including various evac chairs and evacuation mattresses) and a service offering including evacuation equipment training for your staff and evacuation product servicing.

High quality evacuation equipment for UK organisations

The Escape Mobility evacuation chair is classified within the EU as a ‘medical device’ and therefore must conform to the provisions of the Medical Devices Directive, 93/42/EEC (2002) which requires all such devices to carry the CE mark.

All of our evac chairs and evacuation mattresses are produced in Europe, designed with the user, the evacuee and others who may be in the vicinity in mind.

Would you risk it?

For many in the UK, having an evac chair may 'tick a box' for a health and safety requirement, but for us, it is about genuinely providing the safest option for you to ensure every single person can get outside your building in an emergency evacuation situation.

It is our mission to provide UK businesses with high quality evacuation products, as we believe that health and safety should be a priority, not an afterthought. 

The Escape Mobility safety circle

Follow the Escape Mobility Safety Circle to build the perfect evacuation plan. It shows what is needed to ensure the safe evacuation of people from your buildings. It is vital get your evacuation planning right – read our step-by-step guide to learn more about the processes and stages which must be taken to ensure a safe evacuation of people in your buildings. 

Escape specialists have the experience and expertise to provide Total Emergency Evacuation Management Solutions (TEEMS). Our customer focused team are always happy to accommodate and support in the supply of evacuation products, installation, maintenance and evacuation chair training. 

Customer service at Escape Mobility

Where we provide an additional benefit to our clients is that Escape Mobility provides training in the use of each evacuation product, so that we can help you, as the responsible person, to ensure that staff are trained and have the confidence to evacuate a person efficiently using evac and evacuation chairs and evacuation mattresses. 

Our customer-focused team are always happy to accommodate to the needs of customers, whether it is supporting with evacuation planning, escape evacuation supply, or even, training and maintenance and servicing of evacuation equipment, the Escape Mobility team are always happy to help.

It is important to recognise that no two companies are the same when it comes to evacuation equipment needs and support. As such, we take pride in our process of assessing each customer building and specific needs on an individual basis, making bespoke recommendations and providing the right evacuation products and services each time.

We strive to provide a speedy response, but also not forgetting that providing a high quality service is top of our list, to find out more about what the company is getting up to, for information about upcoming events or news, please take a look at our blog page or visit our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Based within the heart of the UK and within easy reach of the motorway network, this gives us the benefit of being able to reach our national customers from various market sectors, wherever they may be located, anywhere across the whole of the country.

Give one of the team a call today on 0844 800 1775 to see how we can help improve and add to your evacuation plans.