Evsure evacuation product installation

When you purchase evacuation equipment (for example evac chairs or evacuation mattresses) from Escape Mobility, you are also offered equipment installation service at an additional cost. This will ensure all of your evacuation products are installed correctly and are easily accessible by your teams in the event of an emergency.

Why should you have your evacuation equipment installed by Escape Mobility?

Our evacuation specialists will identify the correct location for your evacuation chairs, evacuation mattresses or other accessories, so people in your buildings will find them during a fire drill or emergency evacuation.

The Escape Mobility installation team has undergone Asbestos Awareness Training, so prior to installation of your evacuation products, they will review fixings and the building structure to ensure your safety.

What happens if an Evacuation Chair is not mounted correctly?

If an evacuation chair is not installed high enough, then the dust cover will fail to fit correctly. If the chair becomes dusty, it compromises the passenger’s comfort and may inhibit correct handling of the equipment.

If the brackets are installed too high, there is a risk that your evacuation chair will fall from the mount.  Since Escape Evacuation Chairs weigh 10kg, there is a chance that someone could be seriously injured. This misstep could also cause strain on the handle or frame of the chair, resulting in damage.

Our Installation Validation

After installing the evacuation equipment, we will fix relevant photo luminescent signs, hanging them at the appropriate height and location, so people in your building will be aware of the whereabouts of evacuation aids in the event of an emergency. An initial inspection of each evacuation chair will be carried out to ensure it is working properly. Then, our team will test the equipment on the stairs to make sure it is functional in the correct environment it will be used for. Finally, all relevant paperwork will be completed, in addition to providing a control list and maintenance card to track your upcoming evacuation chair servicing appointments.

Escape Evsure - ensuring safe evacuations of your buildings

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Evacuation equipment installation is one of the services offered by the Escape Evsure division of Escape Mobility, alongside planning advice and support of emergency evacuations, such as evacuation chairs or evacuation mattresses, evacuation product training and evacuation equipment maintenance and servicing to ensure your products are in good, safe working order when needed.

Escape specialists have the experience and expertise to provide Total Emergency Evacuation Management Solutions (TEEMS). Our customer focused team are always happy to accommodate and support in the supply of evacuation products, installation, maintenance and evacuation chair training.

Call the team today on 0844 800 1775 to book your consultation and advice session to help your emergency evacuation planning.