Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation chairs help to ensure the safety of mobility-restricted individuals during an emergency evacuation situation. People who would benefit from evacuation chairs are not just people in wheelchairs. Less able or perhaps people suffering from short-term injury all need to be catered for should an emergency evacuation be required.

Dedicated to providing high quality evacuation chairs

Evac chairs from Escape Mobility are designed to the highest quality specifications and are easy to use. The evacuation chairs improve the flow and speed of an evacuation and ensure that all of the people in your building can vacate safely in the event of an emergency.

Our evacuation chair selection includes a wide range of variations of evacuation chairs, from a basic evacuation chair to the Comfort model, equipped with additional features for the benefit of the person being evacuated, and the person handling the chair in an emergency – ideal for example if needing to evacuate a frail person down several flights of stairs.

Evsure services for evacuation chairs

Escape Evacuation Chairs

It is important to remember that evacuation chairs like these need regular maintenance, the Escape Mobility Evsure team offer evacuation planning support, evacuation chair training to ensure handlers of the evacuation equipment are both competant and confident, as well as evacuation chair servicing to ensure that your evacuation chairs are in proper working order should the need arise.

In some circumstances, evacuation chairs may not be the ideal evacuation solution (for example evacuating someone down a spiral staircase) - Escape Mobility also supplies a variety of evacuation mattresses, ski pads and evacuation sheets as alternatve options.

Contact the Escape Mobility team today on 0844 800 1775 to book your building and evacuation assessment, where our team will work with you to understand the specific needs of your buildings and the people inside them; helping you choose the right evacuation chair.


Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation Chair ST-B

The Evacuation Chair ST-B is the most basic evacuation chair in our range of Escape Evacuation Chairs. If you are looking for an affordable evacuation chair to help you comply with current UK Legislation, then this is the model for you. No other evacuation chair manufacturer offers the same features and benefits of Escape Mobility products.

Evacuation Chair ST

The Evacuation Chair ST has additional features and benefits such as white enamelled frame, padded headrest with securing strap and foam hand grip.

Evacuation Chair ST-PLUS

The Evacuation Chair ST-PLUS comes equipped with features to ensure keep the person being transferred comfortable at ease. This particular evacuation chair model offers additional operating possibilities, and comfort to the operator as well as the evacuee.

Evacuation Chair CF

The Evacuation Chair CF is highly recommended for people who have conditions such as multiple sclerosis, high dependency needs, amputees, blood circulation problems, etc. This evacuation chair is ideal for particular environments that house staff and visitors with high dependency requirements, such as offices, medical centres, hospitals.