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Evacuation chairs save lives! Use an Escape-Chair® to rescue mobility impaired people via the stairs in case of an emergency.


Escape Air Mattress®: inflated with non refillable CO2 cartridge
The Escape-Air Mattress® Standard Edition and Special Operations can be inflated with a one-shot CO2 cartridge.

Escape-Air Mattress® ENG
The only inflatable and versatile evacuation mattress for rapid evacuation over land, water and air. Equipped with a highly wear-resistant (Ultra High Molecular Weight) sliding layer with very low friction co-efficient and high impact resistance. The evacuee is completely protected (330º), and can be completely fixed so that both horizontal and vertical evacuation is possible.

Escape Mobility Company: High quality evacuation products
Providing evacuation advice and planning support, to supplying organisations with evacuation equipment, such as evac chairs and evacuation mattresses, Escape Mobility aims to be your health and safety partner for all things evacuation.

Escape Air Mattress® SWAT
The Escape-Air Mattress® is the solution for SAR teams, SWAT Teams, the Army, Metroplitan Police, Fire fighters and Ambulance Services. Quick, compact and versatile.

An Escape-Chair® is an indispensable solution for the transport of persons over stairs in the event of a calamity. The easy to operate Escape-Chair® is ready for use within a few seconds and allows a person to be transported over the steps of a flight of stairs.


The Escape-Mattress® is an evacuation solution, of which people with mobility problems can be moved in a horizontal position, to a safe location.
The Escape-Mattress® is produced in different models, to provide a solution to your specific situation.

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